Known issues

Error installing Pygit2

Status: Unresolved

Typical Error message: While running pip3 install, Such error messages might be raised:

-> error: git2.h: No such file or directory
-> error: #error You need a compatible libgit2 version (1.1.x)

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PCVS depends on pygit2 to deal with banks, pygit2 itself depending on libgit2 (libs & dev). It is possible to manually install libgit2 (both libs & dev), but be aware that pygit2 >= 1.2.0 requires libgit2 >= 1.0.0. The latter may not be available on some systems, be sure to check out the proper version compatible with your pygit2 installation.

Still, we recommend to rely on wheel packages to avoid installing extra third-party tools. pip3 is the best solution. An important note: Only Python3.7+ wheel packages are available from PyPI for pygit2. The only solution for older Python versions is to build manually libgit2 & export the installation prefix into the current encvironment.

Solution / Workaround

  • Manually install libgit2, version >= 1.0.0

  • Use wheel package to install third-party tools (only Python3.7+)