A PCVS profile defines a configuration in which PCVS will launch. This configuration is divided in nodes, and it can be customized within pcvs or in yaml files that can be imported/exported via the command line interface.

This configuration is separated in 5 nodes :

  • compiler

  • criterion

  • group

  • machine

  • runtimes

each node is separated in subnodes and can be defined separately in multiple ways. As files, profiles are written with the yml syntax.


Profiles can have different scopes depending on which user should have access or which project should be affected by it. The 3 scopes are the following :

  • Local : The profile is only seeable from a specific folder

  • User : The profile is seeable from everywhere in an userspace.

  • Global : The profile is accessible to everyone and from everywhere.

Building a new Profile

To create a blank profile, one can use the command :

pcvs profile build example_profile

To export this profile in a file format, use the command :

pcvs profile export example_profile example_profile.yml

This profile is fully customizable with any text editor, to import the profile back into PCVS use the command :

pcvs profile import example_profile example_profile.yml

Without arguments, the pcvs profile build command builds blocks as default, but a profile can be built with custom configuration blocks.

Building a profile with existing configuration blocks

Buiding a profile based on configuration blocks can be done in two ways :

  • in the CLI

  • with the interactive mode

In the CLI

pcvs profile build example_profile -b [scope].[block-name].[block-type]

This command has to include either 0 or 5 -b blocks (default or complete configuration).

With the interactive mode

pcvs profile build -i

For the configuration blocks setting please refer to the Configuration blocks section.

Managing Profiles

Besides being built, exported or imported, profiles can be altered or destroyed with the corresponding commands.

Use pcvs profile list to see every available profiles.

pcvs profile alter [profile] launches a text editor in order to manually change the profile. PCVS scans editors to give a choice to users.

pcvs profile destroy [profile] deletes a profile


Using Profiles

Profiles are used at runtime, they are specified with the -p option.

pcvs run -p example_profile