Source code for pcvs.helpers.exceptions

[docs]class GenericException(Exception): """Generic error (custom errors will inherit of this).""" def __init__(self, reason="Unkown error", help_msg="Please check pcvs --help for more information.", dbg_info={}): """Constructor for generic errors. :param *args: unused :param **kwargs: messages for the error. """ self._help_msg = help_msg self._dbg_info = dbg_info super().__init__("{} - {}".format(type(self).__name__, reason)) def __str__(self): """Stringify an exception for pretty-printing. :return: the string. :type: str""" dbg_str = "" if self._dbg_info: dbg_str = "\n\nAdditional notes:\n" + self.dbg_str return "{}\n{}{}".format( super().__str__(), self._help_msg, dbg_str ) @property def err(self): """returns the error part of the exceptions. :return: only the error part :rtype: str""" return str(self) @property def help(self): """returns the help part of the exceptions. :return: only the help part :rtype: str""" return self._help_msg @property def dbg(self): """returns the extra infos of the exceptions (if any). :return: only the debug infos. :rtype: str""" return self._dbg_info
[docs] def add_dbg(self, **kwargs): for k, v in kwargs.items(): if k not in self._dbg_info: self._dbg_info[k] = v
@property def dbg_str(self): """Stringify the debug infos. These infos are stored as a dict initially. :return: a itemized string. :rtype: str""" if not self._dbg_info: return " - None" w = max([len(k) for k in self._dbg_info.keys()]) return "\n".join([" - {:<{w}}: {}".format(k, v, w=w) for k, v in self._dbg_info.items()])
[docs]class CommonException: """Gathers exceptions commonly encountered by more specific namespaces."""
[docs] class NotPCVSRelated(GenericException): pass
[docs] class AlreadyExistError(GenericException): """The content already exist as it should.""" def __init__(self, reason="Already Exist", **kwargs): """Updated constructor""" super().__init__(reason=reason, help_msg="\n".join([ "Note configuration, profiles & pcvs.* files can be ", "verified through `pcvs check [-c|-p|-D <path>]`"]), dbg_info=kwargs)
[docs] class UnclassifiableError(GenericException): """Unable to classify this common error.""" pass
[docs] class NotFoundError(GenericException): """Content haven't been found based on specifications.""" pass
[docs] class IOError(GenericException): """Communication error (FS, process) while processing data.""" pass
[docs] class BadTokenError(GenericException): """Badly formatted string, unable to parse.""" pass
[docs] class WIPError(GenericException): """Work in Progress, not a real error.""" pass
[docs] class TimeoutError(GenericException): """The parent class timeout error.""" pass
[docs] class NotImplementedError(GenericException): """Missing implementation for this particular feature.""" pass
[docs]class BankException(CommonException): "Bank-specific exceptions."""
[docs] class ProjectNameError(GenericException): """name is not a valid project under the given bank.""" pass
[docs]class ConfigException(CommonException): """Config-specific exceptions.""" pass
[docs]class ProfileException(CommonException): """Profile-specific exceptions."""
[docs] class IncompleteError(GenericException): """A configuration block is missing to build the profile.""" pass
[docs]class ValidationException(CommonException): """Validation-specific exceptions."""
[docs] class FormatError(GenericException): """The content does not comply the required format (schemes).""" def __init__(self, reason="Invalid format", **kwargs): """Updated constructor""" super().__init__(reason=reason, help_msg="\n".join([ "Input files may be checked with `pcvs check`"]), dbg_info=kwargs)
[docs] class WrongTokenError(GenericException): """A unknown token is found in valided content""" def __init__(self, reason="Invalid token(s) used as Placeholders", **kwargs): """Updated constructor""" super().__init__(reason=reason, help_msg="\n".join([ "A list of valid tokens is available in the documentation"]), dbg_info=kwargs)
[docs] class SchemeError(GenericException): """The content is not a valid format (scheme).""" def __init__(self, reason="Invalid Scheme provided", **kwargs): """Updated constructor""" super().__init__(reason=reason, help_msg="\n".join([ "Provided schemes should be static. If code haven't be", "changed, please report this error."]), dbg_info=kwargs)
[docs]class RunException(CommonException): """Run-specific exceptions."""
[docs] class InProgressError(GenericException): """A run is currently occuring in the given dir.""" def __init__(self, reason="Build directory currently used by another instance", **kwargs): """Updated constructor""" super().__init__(reason=reason, help_msg="\n".join([ "Please Wait for previous executions to complete.", "You may also use --override or --output to change default build directory"]), dbg_info=kwargs)
[docs] class NonZeroSetupScript(GenericException): """a setup script (=pcvs.setup) completed but returned non-zero exit code.""" def __init__(self, reason="A setup script failed to complete", **kwargs): """Updated constructor""" super().__init__(reason=reason, help_msg="\n".join([ "Try to run manually the setup script below."]), dbg_info=kwargs)
[docs] class ProgramError(GenericException): """The given program cannot be found.""" def __init__(self, reason="A program cannot be found", **kwargs): """Updated constructor""" super().__init__(reason=reason, help_msg="\n".join([ "A program/binary defined in loaded profile cannot", "be found in $PATH or spack/module. Please report", "if this is a false warning."]), dbg_info=kwargs)
[docs]class TestException(CommonException): """Test-specific exceptions."""
[docs] class TestExpressionError(GenericException): """Test description is wrongly formatted.""" def __init__(self, reason="Issue(s) while parsing a Test Descriptor", **kwargs): """Updated constructor""" super().__init__(reason=reason, help_msg="\n".join([ "Please check input files with `pcvs check`"]), dbg_info=kwargs)
[docs]class OrchestratorException(CommonException): """Execution-specific errors."""
[docs] class UndefDependencyError(GenericException): """Declared job dep cannot be fully qualified, not defined.""" pass
[docs] class CircularDependencyError(GenericException): """Circular dep detected while processing job dep tree.""" pass
[docs]class RunnerException(CommonException):
[docs] class LaunchError(GenericException): """Unable to run a remote container""" pass
[docs]class PublisherException(CommonException):
[docs] class BadMagicTokenError(GenericException): """Issue with token stored to file to check consistency""" pass
[docs] class UnknownJobError(GenericException): """Unable to identify a job by its ID""" pass
[docs] class AlreadyExistJobError(GenericException): """A single ID leads to multiple jobs.""" pass
[docs]class LockException(CommonException): """Lock-specific exceptions."""
[docs] class BadOwnerError(GenericException): """Attempt to manipulate the lock while the current process is not the owner.""" pass
[docs] class TimeoutError(GenericException): """Timeout reached before lock.""" pass
[docs]class PluginException(CommonException): """Plugin-related exceptions."""
[docs] class BadStepError(GenericException): """targeted pass does not exist.""" pass
[docs] class LoadError(GenericException): """Unable to load plugin directory.""" def __init__(self, reason="Issue(s) while loading plugin", **kwargs): """Updated constructor""" super().__init__(reason=reason, help_msg="\n".join([ "Please ensure plugins can be imported like:", "python3 ./path/to/plugin/"]), dbg_info=kwargs)
[docs]class GitException(CommonException):
[docs] class BadEntryError(GenericException): pass