Source code for pcvs.testing

import os

from pcvs.helpers.exceptions import CommonException
from pcvs.helpers.system import MetaConfig

[docs]def generate_local_variables(label, subprefix): """Return directories from PCVS working tree : - the base source directory - the current source directory - the base build directory - the current build directory :param label: name of the object used to generate paths :type label: str :param subprefix: path to the subdirectories in the base path :type subprefix: str :raises CommonException.NotFoundError: the label is not recognized as to be validated :return: paths for PCVS working tree :rtype: tuple """ if subprefix is None: subprefix = "" base_srcdir = MetaConfig.root.validation.dirs.get(label, '') cur_srcdir = os.path.join(base_srcdir, subprefix) base_buildir = os.path.join( MetaConfig.root.validation.output, "test_suite", label) cur_buildir = os.path.join(base_buildir, subprefix) return base_srcdir, cur_srcdir, base_buildir, cur_buildir